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Multimedia Time

Avery Fisher Hall

Dial P for Photo

The Cellphone Paparazzi: George Costacos and Midori

...To paraphrase that famous slogan...
"Can you see me now? Good!"

Time Away

Wherever Donald Trump is Not

West End Theatre World Breaking News!

Press Clip: : Caught! George Costacos with Melania Knauss Trump.

...This is how rumors get started!...
Honestly Donald, it's just an innocent friendship, really.


Sweden and a Far Off Galaxy

Beamed down by the Swedish StarTrek Spaceship

Swedish Star Trek Database: Björk -> Athens 2004: Games of the XXVIII Olympiad -> George Costacos -> Trick -> Tori Spelling -> Scary Movie 2 -> Veronica Cartwright -> Will & Grace -> Leigh Allyn Baker -> Boston Legal -> William Shatner

It was bound to happen!
The Swedish Star Trek Starfleet Forum Lieutenant has finally discovered the lost connection between
The Olympic Games, Bjork, George Costacos, Will & Grace, and ...William Shatner!
Beam this up!

Time Irrelevant

Copacabana Halloween Historical Archives

Proof that Queen Elizabeth loved the Salsa enough to attend the re-opening of the legendary Copacabana Club in New York George Costacos at Copacabana Re-opening with "Queen Elizabeth"

Even royalty needs to "just salsa" now and then.
Lord Costacos and Queen Elizabeth guarded by none other than Zorro (in the back).

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